Suzani Throws

$ 999.00

Handmade one of a kind vintage suzanis backed with faux fur. Call today for wholesale pricing and more images of handmade beautiful Suzani throws in stock.

The Story of the Suzani.
The word Suzani literally means needlework. Taught by Grandmothers and mothers to young girls.
Suzanis have long been a part of Central Asian Culture for hundreds of years. They were traditionally
made by brides as part of their dowry and were presented to the groom on the wedding day. Typically silk on cotton they are made with natural dyes and local textiles. There is an interesting tradition to Suzanis - to leave some part of the embroidery unfinished. This was made on purpose so that the wedding will go on in the family and the couple would live long and happiness would not finish. Our Suzanis are from Uzbekistan, Tajikstan, and Afghanistan.